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I remember Warsaw

Thanks to On this Deity I was reminded about Marek Edelman, an extraordinary human being. And it reminded me of the Warsaw Uprising Museum, one of the most extraordinary places I’ve ever been.  Fucking Nazis. Fucking Stalinists. Gah.  Horror, courage, … Continue reading

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White male scientist in “blind to privilege” shocker

So, after the three white male panelists have done their five minute spiels (and kept to their time, bless ’em), the chair asks the audience – probably about two thirds male, almost all white – if there are questions. Only … Continue reading

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The corrosive mask

“The novelist John Updike once wrote that “Celebrity is a mask that corrodes the face”, and while certain kinds of celebrities – singers, comedians, writers too – get to wear the mask unto death, politicians have it torn from them … Continue reading

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Ideal Speech Community? Right now I’d settle for “adequate” speech community

Staged an event last night. Thought there were adults present. So we “agreed” a ‘two sentences for your questions’ thing, inspired by this. I am a muppet. There were several disruptive children present, albeit mostly in their 50s and 60s. … Continue reading

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Nightmare on Climate St

When you were pre-opped, they all seemed so confident and competent. “Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands” they said. “He knows what he’s doing,” says one of the nurses, gesturing to the surgeon. Then the anaesthesia wears off prematurely, and … Continue reading

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Re-activism – barriers to getting back in the game…

I’ve never seriously disengaged from activism (though there was that period of 4 years or so where I only did non-enviro things and merely collected newspaper clippings of the planet’s acceleration towards ecological debacle). And so it had literally never … Continue reading

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Singing and digging for victory – learning from the Civil Rights movement

Anyone who gives a damn about building movements for justice and a habitable planet will want to read this – It was while living in that Shreveport house that I first became aware of both the patience and the direct … Continue reading

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