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Ideal Speech Community? Right now I’d settle for “adequate” speech community

Staged an event last night. Thought there were adults present. So we “agreed” a ‘two sentences for your questions’ thing, inspired by this. I am a muppet. There were several disruptive children present, albeit mostly in their 50s and 60s. … Continue reading

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Nightmare on Climate St

When you were pre-opped, they all seemed so confident and competent. “Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands” they said. “He knows what he’s doing,” says one of the nurses, gesturing to the surgeon. Then the anaesthesia wears off prematurely, and … Continue reading

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Re-activism – barriers to getting back in the game…

I’ve never seriously disengaged from activism (though there was that period of 4 years or so where I only did non-enviro things and merely collected newspaper clippings of the planet’s acceleration towards ecological debacle). And so it had literally never … Continue reading

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Singing and digging for victory – learning from the Civil Rights movement

Anyone who gives a damn about building movements for justice and a habitable planet will want to read this – It was while living in that Shreveport house that I first became aware of both the patience and the direct … Continue reading

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Brilliant Cartoon: “At the public meeting”

Marc Roberts is an extraordinary cartoonist (he’s not a bad human being either, btw) Here’s his latest.

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Your ego is how they hold you, while they gut you like a fish

In conversation with a very interesting DT commenter, this came up To advance one inch… My face was in South African newspapers around September 1999.  I had ‘dared’ to challenge the ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), by questioning … Continue reading

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Don’t leave me this way….

What do we know of why people leave (social movement organisations) and don’t come back? How do we find out, since almost by definition they aren’t around to ask (and would they tell you anyway, and would they know all … Continue reading

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Keynes, Schumpeter and the state of the world

Here’s a couple of clips from a worth-reading site Post-Fordism and the State What was The Keynesian Welfare State The dynamics of Fordism is closely related to the form and function of the Keynesian welfare state, which in turn has … Continue reading

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Running (flat out) on empty

There’s a sequence in Wilbur Smith’s novel When the Lion Feeds (don’t ask) where the young (white) hero and his faithful Zulu sidekick are being hunted down. The hunters send out their two fastest runners. The sidekick explains that the … Continue reading

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Goldfish, water, meeting-regulars and anxiety

People who are regular attenders of a group’s meetings, and who regularly hang out with a lot of the other people in the group (or attend sub-meetings on other dates!) will – presumably -  not feel any of the following … Continue reading

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