If I were (still) a union steward, I know what my advice would be

Last week I turned up 24 hours early for a meeting. Today an hour early.  So, you might call it progress. Except that it signals, if I choose to acknowledge it properly, that things can’t go on like this.

All day long I think about  (and to my student talk about) the dangers of ego getting you killed.  Flight engineers who don’t speak up effectively, or anti-Semitic doctors who ignore evidence or whatever else. And I am old enough and ugly enough to know that I am not immune to fatigue.  You just start to make mistakes. You take shortcuts, you trust your memory when you shouldn’t. You conflate. You fail to spot the obvious. You’re half way through one task and you get interrupted and when you go back you’ve totally lost the thread. Et cetera.
Took a bit of action on this earlier this week, but – oh the irony – have been too busy with the urgent to follow through on the important… More action required, methinks.

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1 Response to If I were (still) a union steward, I know what my advice would be

  1. marc roberts says:

    early night, Mr Towers.

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