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Tail Wags Dog – in Afghanistan to dodge spending reviews?

The Australians are in Afghanistan because, um, Uncle Sam asked them.  They’ll stay until Uncle Sam leaves.  The Brits ditto, I assume (especially after the whole Basra thing). This from the Grauniad was interesting… Cowper-Coles begins his book with a … Continue reading

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Moral relativism and the Wikileaks commentariat

Yeah, all those people going on about innocent lives at risk. Um. Predator Drones and deaths at checkpoints – to quote General Stanley McChrystal “We’ve shot an amazing number of people and killed a number and, to my knowledge, none … Continue reading

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Too stupid to be trusted to kill foreigners at our behest…

OK, just watching the news. Australian squaddies in trouble for racist comments they made on… facebook. These are young men raised and trained in militarism. Which isn’t about sitting around with flowers in your hair and singing kumbaya. To be … Continue reading

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