Too stupid to be trusted to kill foreigners at our behest…

OK, just watching the news. Australian squaddies in trouble for racist comments they made on… facebook.

These are young men raised and trained in militarism. Which isn’t about sitting around with flowers in your hair and singing kumbaya. To be able to kill other human beings when ordered, you need to depersonalise, to “other” them. Racism is a pretty standard way of doing that, obviously.

Now, it seems to me these men should be sacked/drummed out/cashiered – whatever the term is. But not for racism. If you did that, where would it end? No, I think they should be drummed out for being so monumentally fracking stoopid.

I don’t see how they can be trusted to shoot foreigners at the behest of our political masters (mostly in Washington). And this, surely, is the essence of what our military IS [rather than what it thinks and claims it is]).
I know that I seem to be advocating a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy, and being ‘soft’ on racism. I am not. I am saying that we are all of us big fat hypocrites. We tell ourselves porkies about how armies work, and then act all horrified when a tiny proportion of the truth comes out. I also reckon these ‘scandals’ are kinda minor compared to all the deaths from Predator drones and at checkpoints and so on…


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