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“Twitterhea” as the neologism of the day…

Which I encountered in an exceptionally useful book called Twitter, tips, tricks and tweets by Paul Fedries. If you want to know more about the “why” of people’s use of Twitter and the ‘sweet spot’, you really should check out … Continue reading

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55 interesting social media infographics

This is a repost of Paul Coyne’s (“Occasional postings about digital innovation in scholarly publishing and learning”) great post with heaps of, well, infographics about social media… My personal favourite was the hierarchy of digital distractions…

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Egypt and social media

There is a lot of stuff flying around. This piece, by a hack for The Nation (and Obama’s 2008 blog co-ordinator), Sam Graham-Felsen, seems balanced and is certainly inspiring…. Over time, hundreds of thousands joined the “We Are All Khaled … Continue reading

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FaT heads: Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter (“FaT”) are not just methods of communication and exchange. [Just as a car not just a box with wheels that converts dead pressed ferns into kinetic energy and carbon emissions.] They are- like cars- vehicles of display; … Continue reading

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Social Media and Manchester

Went to an event (more on that word later) last night about “Social Media”, at the Northern pub, just off Oldham St. Six workshops over two sessions on all different aspects of “social media” (internet technologies that enable better communication … Continue reading

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