Facebook as a poker machine…

“Grazing social networking, hoping that someone is there for us, is neither relaxing nor productive – like the lure of poker machines, the unpredictable rewards of Facebook and Twitter keeps us going back in the hope of messages waiting and approving comments on our sparkling doings.”
From a zine called “Clutterbug”

Reminds me of something the wife said about Facebook – that it’s like listening to an audio tape of your friends all down at the pub. Gets wearying quite quickly… (so, simple solution, don’t go often! D’oh.)


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One Response to Facebook as a poker machine…

  1. Jay D says:

    This post and the last (yeah, good cynical insight, please let me know if she goes online zine) highlight a big one, the time-sucking nature of Facebooking, etc. The allure and potential are clear, but are folks getting too time-hooked to transition to saner venues? I mean, we hear from tech visionaries with a vested interest that social media is barely taking off into what it’s soon to become… So since much of that is clearly inevitable and highly influential, who’s doing the most about coming up with something for those of us who are understandably repulsed by the underbellies of the corporate giants of software, and are aware of the limits of the reach of blogging? We should (exactly whoever or whatever that may be) put heads together better on this stuff; could have a great ratio of bang-per-buck/hour…

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