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The poor will always be with us. A habitable biosphere for hominids? Not so much.

My Bright Friend (MBF) made the “obvious” – but not banal – point that social movements are not used to ticking clocks, to the concept of it being – at some point – Simply Too Late. She means that social … Continue reading

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Colonel Gaddafi and the days of the locust

What a lot of weight there is in that one word “effective” (final sentence of the quote). The death of Muammer Gaddafi continues to reverberate across Africa  – this time in the form of desert locusts. Croplands in Niger and … Continue reading

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Knowing we’re doomed…

OK, so there’s this is a journal called “Global Environmental Change.” By academics and for academics, sadly. But we need to get outa our comfort zones. There’s a recent piece; “Policy responses to rapid climate change: An epistemological critique of … Continue reading

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