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“Steady-State” as a phrase – already being trimmed

Usually there is some sort of interval between a term being coined and it being completely hollowed out of all meaning. “Sustainable” for a few years meant something.  “Resilient” was always tricky, because it meant different things to different groups … Continue reading

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Paradigms Lost: Economists and Climate Change

Attention Conservation Notice: Excessively detailed account of a lecture entitled “Mitigating Climate Change – how and why the economists have changed their minds” peppered with snarks about the nature of mainstream economic “thought.” Potentially useful list of sites and links … Continue reading

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Black and Green Economics

Gaian Economics is a blog run by Molly Scott Cato, who is the spokesperson on economics for the UK Green Party. Here’s the start of a recent (Dec 27 2010) post: Henry Ford coined the adage that best describes the … Continue reading

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Cuts and climate and campaigns corpsing

The folks over at Political Dynamite have written a post on the why (but not the how) of climate campaigners and anti-cuts folks getting together. They point out that while a thousand (a comically small number, the smallest ever?) were … Continue reading

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