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Youtube: Reflexive Modernisation in a digital minute

Ends somewhat abruptly!!

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Reflexive modernisation and the resentment that climate change exists

This SHOULDN’T Be Happening To Us. We beat Nature. She’s licked. All our problems are of our own societies’ making now. That’s the whole point of having entered reflexive modernisation… The idea of reflexive modernisation describes, at its simplest, the notion … Continue reading

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Analogies of vulnerability

It is so hard to convey to people the risks we face. I don’t think human nature is much cop at admitting these sorts of vulnerabilities. Without getting all evolutionary psychology on your ass, I don’t think it’s something that … Continue reading

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Reflexive, schmeflexive

OK, here’s two youtubes that I’ve just put together. Comments very welcome!! and

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New reflexive boss just the same as the old boss

So, tying in with discussions about “mastery versus control,” climate crises, and just how smart this species is(n’t)… Of particular interest at the ‘stronger’ end of the scale are the arguments for ‘reflexive modernisation’ as advocated by Ulrich Beck (see … Continue reading

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