Mark Lynas’s credibility jumps the shark

First, my bid for credibility: I have bought Mark Lynas beer. I have read (bits of) his books. I got him to come speak at the first Climate Camp (2006) about a Six Degrees warmer world etc. He’s not an idiot, and neither am I (well, some may beg to differ).

Mark Lynas has recently done one of those tiresome and entirely predictable “Damascene conversions” that ageing pundits who have lost touch with their initial supporters but still want to have an “impact” in the “debate” do.

I’m going to quote from the Guardian beat up [they rang round for quotes from rentagobs like Charles Secrett, Ian McEwan, John Sauven and… Tamsin Omond (I thought her 15 minutes were up?)]. Not sure I can bring myself to go so far as to read his new book; I mean there’s daytime TV to be watched, toenails to be clipped…

“I want an environmental movement that is happy with capitalism,
Yes, because the kind of ongoing growth in consumption and extraction that capitalism demands is just SO compatible with a sustainable future, don’t you think?

“which goes out there and says yes rather than no,”
yes to what? no to what? What is he saying? Is he trying to win the 2011 Guardian award for vacuity?

“and is rigorous about the way it treats science.”
The climate scientists are absolutely shitting themselves. He means, I assume, the nuclear scientists, who aren’t bought and paid for in any way shape or form, oh no…

“The green movement needs a clause-four moment – the Labour party had to go through that.”
Yes, because New Labour has been so STUNNINGLY EFFECTIVE in its advocacy of social equity. I mean, it’s close the inequality gaps just so well, hasn’t it?

Mark Lynas’ credibility 1995- 2010 RIP

PS Nothing here is meant to suggest I don’t share his fed-upness with the “green movement” (ha ha). But it’s possible to critique it as an irritating and ineffective smugosphere without swallowing and regurgitating “Green TechnoCapitalism” bollocks. But that doesn’t keep the speaking gigs and the book contracts coming, does it?


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4 Responses to Mark Lynas’s credibility jumps the shark

  1. vera says:

    Sounds like he succumbed to the Stewart Brand syndrome.

  2. James Doran says:

    The revised Clause Four does not mention capitalism. In fact, explicitly states that Labour is a “democratic socialist party”.

    The most inspiring projects that members of the environmental movement are engaged in are market-oriented projects aimed at producing renewable energy and local food.

    This isn’t capitalist enterprise, it’s co-operative enterprise. It recognises that there are other kinds of capital which have to be accounted for – the natural capital of the earth’s resources, the social capital of trust within our communities.

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