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Youtube: Terror Management Theory

That ticking sound is your body clock, winding down… (No, actually, it’s my X41 Thinkpad’s hard drive). Advertisements

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Mark Lynas’s credibility jumps the shark

First, my bid for credibility: I have bought Mark Lynas beer. I have read (bits of) his books. I got him to come speak at the first Climate Camp (2006) about a Six Degrees warmer world etc. He’s not an … Continue reading

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Japanese Nuclear Emergency: Mark Lynas and “TMI” = not enough information

In an interview on ChinaDialogue about Nuclear Power (in the light of Fukushima), UK environmentalist Mark Lynas made a number of interesting points about risk perception (but probably nothing you haven’t heard before.) At one point he claimed “Take Three Mile … Continue reading

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Japanese Earthquake: Gaia, nuclear, Limbaugh and Monbiot

I recently cited a Boris Johnson article where he sneered at people who ascribed the tsunami to Man’s inhumanity to Gaia. He pointed out that tectonic plates have indeed been moving for a while. (After that sane and rational point, … Continue reading

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