Bjork, Human Behaviour and Ecological Modernisation

No, not that Bjork. This Bjork, (Tord Bjork, a canny Swedish thinker on social movements). This bit of his comment is kinda interesting, if like me you are kept awake at night fretting about the dangers of social movements getting knee-capped by the soft State.

Jamison’s approach to see also neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism as social movements is most welcome in at least two ways. Firstly because there is a strong tendency in the environmental movement whether main stream or radical to overemphasize the uniqueness of our own role. In the 1990s this was explicitly expressed by eg Norwegian activists claiming the environmental and development NGOs as the forefront of democratic change in the world. The democratically ambigious NGO concept here excluding a broader social movement idea which puts emphasis also on the commoners in the Finnish church or any commoners was in practice in Norway well funded by the state, under the condition that the NGO ForUM did not engage in domestic or local issues. A core of professional NGO experts emerged well articulated on any global matter disconnected from a movement. Today the once maybe most radical environmental movement in Europe has changed and is all for technical solutions and ecological modernization sceptical about the climate justice demands. By also looking at neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism as social movements it is no longer possible t state that a social movement per se is good and the others are bad. It is eg necessary to have arguments why the change among many Norwegian social movement organisations from anti growth, to Brundtland sustainable development to technical fix promotion within the existing ruling order is either part of the neo-liberal social movement or the climate justice movement.

For a bit more of Mr Bjork
he did a great piece in 2009 about the long-term picture around Copenhagen


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