History repeats – Iranian deal could have been done 8 years ago…

From the Telegraph;

The Iran nuclear deal could have been done eight years ago, if Bush and Blair hadn’t blocked it…

“President Rouhani was then the chief Iranian negotiator and John Sawers (now head of MI6) was the chief British negotiator. At a meeting on 23rd March 2005 at the Quai d’Orsay in Paris, Mohammed Zarif, now Iranian foreign minister, offered to put limits on Iranian enrichment, renounce nuclear weapons and allow round-the-clock IAEA inspection at its enrichment plants in return for Iranian development of centrifuge enrichment technology.

“It was an incredibly generous offer. But when Sawers took it back to London it was blocked by Tony Blair, acting on the orders of George W Bush. At that time, the US wouldn’t tolerate the operation of even one centrifuge in Iran. Now, when around 19,000 centrifuges have been installed, the US has bowed to the inevitable.

“In other words, all the pain and agony of the last eight years could have been avoided if only the Iranian offer had not been blocked by Britain and the United States.”

Yep. So typical of the West. This is a story that has been repeated on so many occasions – the Horrible Vicious Enemy wants to do a deal, but our Responsible and Glorious Leaders say “no” thinking that the willingness to do a deal shows weakness and that more concessions can therefore be extorted. Thousands – hundreds of thousands – of people die because of sanctions/wars, and in the West kidney machines are replaced by rockets and guns. Following the exhaustion of the West’s power/credibility there is the same deal done that was available many corpses before. Idiot hacks spill oceans of ink telling lies about the Triumph of Western Firmness, clever diplomacy by the Europeans/Americans.

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