Magazine reviews: Resurgence and Viz

Okay, this is clearly a stunt combination and bid for attention. But seriously, I did buy both of these within a day or two of each other, and I do get something from both. Usually.

Viz is puerile, scatalogical and also laugh out loud funny and occasionally astute. I love Roger Mellie (the Man on the Telly), the Fat Slags and a host of other characters. When I was contemplating a second bash at Mastermind, I wanted Viz as my first specialist round (just to hear John Humphreys asking me who Tray and San’s fuck-buddy was would have been worth all the general knowledge swatting up that you have to do. Sadly the Beeb said yes I could be on, but not with the Viz thing, so I let it slide.)

Resurgence, which now has a little bit of the Ecologist in it, should be more enlightening and inspiring. And sometimes (I buy it at most once a year) it is. But it’s also so damn unreflective about the failings of the “left” or the “green” movement. Everything is the fault of stupid governments, or rapacious corporations or whatever. Yes, sure, I agree. But given that is not actually a hard argument to make, how come the “radical” green movement has punched so seriously below its weight? I have yet to see anything on this in my occasional readings of Resurgence (or, for that matter, Red Pepper.)  We mice all agree the cat should be belled, but we don’t seem keen to figure out why previous efforts have ended with mouse intestine all over the place.  And we are doomed, therefore, to repeat our history.


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