Dawn Foster on “rebranding feminism” #class #stillyou’llnevergetitright

Brilliant, imho. From the New Left Project

If you’re hoping to rebrand feminism, in the hope working class women wake up and embrace liberation, you may need a wake up call. You don’t have to go as far back as the matchgirls strike to find examples of working class women’s standing up for their rights. Women Against Pit Closures were a formidable and unabashedly feminist force in the 1980s. Every grassroots community campaign group or organising event I visit now has far more women leading and in attendance than any middle class media panel or event. There’s a proud autodidact tradition amongst working class folk (my grandfather, who left school aged ten, read more Dickens than I’ve ever managed), and claiming politics and feminism needs to be dumbed down to appeal to us is tedious and offensive.

Ultimately, in every movement, self-criticism and self-analysis is intrinsic. No one decides to campaign or care about an issue in possession of all the facts. And the landscape of politics linked as it is to the world, keeps changing and shifting. Arguing that feminists should be exempt from criticism, especially when they’ve built a platform claiming to represents feminists and women, is ludicrous. At this point, we’re entering an argument that advocates a depoliticised and fluffy feminism The Onion beautifully parodied with their article “Women Now Empowered By Everything A Woman Does“. Pointless vacillation on the purported impenetrably of a single word is facile, and ignores the crux of the issue – conflict in feminism when a campaign for a marginalised group marginalises or silences people within our ranks. And if feminism wants a better society, starting with a better self is a good start.

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