On the half-life of skills

“This too shall pass,” as the graffiti sez.

I am (fingers crossed) on the cusp of learning a whole new set of skills.  That’ll be fun.  And with luck, my old brain will have the extra space, so I won’t have to throw hard-won abilities “tying shoelaces” or “being nice to Mrs Towers” out in order to accommodate them.

Skills do decay without constant use, don’t they?  Some faster than others, but everything dies…

Just watched a video I made 18 months ago, y’see (on “scripted disorientation“).  I am quite fond of it, think it showed some talent.  But it’s a path I didn’t (then) go down.  In a perfect world, the TADJ would have allowed/encouraged that.

So it goes.

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2 Responses to On the half-life of skills

  1. pendantry says:

    One question. The… ‘TADJ’?

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