Katy Perry should read some Donna Haraway.

There, that sentence has possibly never been written (or thought) before. I have no way of knowing for sure.

Ms Perry has made an extraordinary music video (I actually haven’t heard the ‘song’ – I was at the gym, where the sound mercifully is turned down).

It starts with her and some Indiana Jones/Michael Douglas from ‘Romancing the Stone’ stranded in the Jungle near a very 1950s plane.

From the lyrics (there on the screen) it seems she is settling scores with an ex-hubbie. (fun to decode these things, if you go for that level of celeb-stalking)

The video shows her in womjep (shades of Avatar) but by the end her beauty and perfection have won over the elephants and the tiger and so on she is Nature personified.

Time to crack open the Haraway


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2 Responses to Katy Perry should read some Donna Haraway.

  1. pendantry says:

    The iframe code in your post don’t work for me (maybe it does for you; I wouldn’t know).
    For those similarly afflicted, this might help:

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