Blog post takedown at Johns Hopkins; NSA and its chilling effect

Okay, I’m way late to this party.

Only comment I have; Unsurprising, scary as hell and we will see more and more of this.  War of attrition in the war of position…


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One Response to Blog post takedown at Johns Hopkins; NSA and its chilling effect

  1. pendantry says:

    I’m always late to parties, me.

    From the Guardian article to which you link:

    Notice: Matthew Green didn’t get any takedown request from Google. Only from Johns Hopkins. Think about what that means for the school. He’s “their” professor, yet his work is safer on the servers of a private company than his own university. The institution failed in the clutch. That it rectified it later in the day is welcome news, but I won’t be cheering until we have answers that befit a great institution like Johns Hopkins, where graduate education was founded on these shores.

    And another thing: America’s system of research universities is the best in the world. No one argues with that. It’s one of biggest advantages this nation has. If it becomes captive to government and handmaiden to the surveillance state, that would be an economic and cultural crime of monstrous proportions. What happened to Matthew Green’s blog post yesterday is no small matter.

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