A strike I would happily scab

That is to say, I’d like to be able to break the strikes that my infantile self launches against me. When it is having a strop, a sulk, a “tantie”, (usually because it feels it hasn’t been getting enough attention) and decides to insist on a wasted weekend. My rational self knows (knew) what would make me happy in the medium-to- long term. And still it let my infantile self run the roost.

“Who runs the country?”, as Heath asked the electorate in 1974. Well, we know now; “Not you.”

Muppet. And now I have waster’s remorse. A largely-wasted weekend. Aaaargh.



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3 Responses to A strike I would happily scab

  1. Antonio Dias says:

    You see it as a “labour dispute” because you insist on maintaining the view that “you” must coerce yourself into doing what is right. Hence the shiftless strikers who need to be put-down.

    This insistence wears you out. It maintains an Ego-first attitude that without its “control” nothing good can be done.

    Your organism rebels, and “you” side with the bosses!

    Anything truly worthwhile, especially when the status quo is broken, can only come out of stillness, welling up out of silence. We can’t “hear” it if we are always busy. We won’t listen if we insist on the powers of management.

    It’s a vicious cycle of guilt and repressive coercion that keeps us off-balance and susceptible to these kinds of internalized oppression.

    I for one cry out, Solidarity! Down with the Scabs! Down with the oppressive Bosses!

  2. dwighttowers says:

    What do other readers’ think? Is there a third way between the bourgeois running-dog “stillness” of the Dias faction and the hard-line Stahkanovite “self-coercion” Towers faction? Or is one of them right and one of them wrong? Is there a dialectic? Aufheben?

  3. leavergirl says:

    I think there is a middle ground. Think of a democratically organized firefighter company. (Pirates, too.) They all elect the captain, and in certain situations (rare but crucial, like fighting an actual fire) the captain’s command goes. The rest of the time, let it well up.

    So it’s not really middle. It’s mostly well-up. Maybe it’s a another 70-20-10. The 20 being kinda middling issues that may need more of a nudge, but certainly not a Stakhanovite boss. Hey, I’m gonna try it.

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