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A slight digression onto useless bloody academics and movements

The letter below speaks for itself. Reader, I sent it. Why? Because I am sick sick SICK of activists colluding (one of my favourite words of late) with academics who are not trust-worthy, who bait and switch and can’t even … Continue reading

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Democracy and debt – an historical aside

Found this on my hard-drive, thought it worth posting/pasting… History’s first land reform actually took place in ancient Greece before communism was born or thought of. Small peasants had been getting into deeper and deeper debt with local merchants and … Continue reading

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Are Academics Irrelevant? The Sequel

Blogged recently on the question above, (after an earlier snipe) and have stumbled, via an Aussie called James Whelan, on an American called Randy Stoecker. His 1999 piece for “American Behavioural Scientist” (yeah, I know, who knew?) is quite useful … Continue reading

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