The Practice of Love

No, that’s not a reference to solitary pursuits in the temporary absence of Mrs Towers (TMI, I know).

It’s rather a reference to a film that was kinda suppressed – Valie Export’s “The Practice of Love.” When I was at the BFI recently, I mis-remembered the title (they didn’t have a copy anyhow).

Avant-garde filmmaker Valie Export offers a bold film that combines the thriller genre with provocative experimental images.

The story follows Judith, an investigative journalist who begins to unravel a murder mystery that implicates one of her current lovers. When she checks out a peep-show business on the seedy side of Hamburg as part of the investigation, she runs into a former boyfriend who used to be a psychiatrist but is now an arms dealer. Judith is lured back into his fold, cheating on her current lovers, one of whom is also a shrink. Despite her profession, or perhaps because of it, Judith tends to blend fantasy and reality-explaining her attraction to psychiatrists. But, two shrinks and a murder prove more than Judith can handle.

Via the wonders of Google and Youtube, here is a trailer for it.

Will have to find 90 minutes lying around sometime…


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