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When will we ever learn? Erm, *outside* the “lecture”

This excellent video (hat-tip to the brilliant Johnnie Moore) ought to kill off the “sage-on-the-stage” “ego-fodder” model of events good and dead. But of course it won’t (I’ve already speculated here and here as to why). Advertisements

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“Carbon literacy” versus “saving the planet”

We are so screwed.* In the next couple of years people in my fair city are going to be carbon literacied. Poor souls. They will, for the most part, be taken away from jobs they do (and sometimes like), and … Continue reading

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The sage on the stage…

I have been reading a website called Nature Bats Last (hat tip to Leaving Babylon). I have just stumbled across a bunch of excerpts that the author, Guy McPherson, had posted from a book he wrote on education. The phrase … Continue reading

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Humour: Death by Powerpoint

OMG, this is roflmao… It’s by Fritz Ahlefeldt, whose website is being rebooted. But, sez someone, don’t blame powerpoint, it’s just a vee–hickle…

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