Relentless negativity

A friend of mine (not the same friend I buy those magazines for) has been accused of “negativity”. My friend is kind of annoyed by this, but it comes with the territory, surely?
Rather than address questions raised (which can be tricky if the questions are any good) it’s far easier and safer to pathologise the “messenger.” Problem then changed, which is as good as solved…

Another of the games we all (yes, all) play to protect our precious egos. So it goes…


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One Response to Relentless negativity

  1. pendantry says:

    I recognise that I suffer from negativity. I agree that it can be a bad thing. However, what I believe I see that (I believe) all the optimists don’t* is that excessive, all-pervasive optimism can be far more damaging than a little negativity.

    *It’s not simply that they don’t see this, their blinkered attitude won’t allow them to accept such a negative view.

    Sad, innit?

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