Stop to think…

This Gotterdammerung thang comes, I think, via Dave Pollard…

Was a professor fired for requiring students to think?


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2 Responses to Stop to think…

  1. leavergirl says:

    There are two ways of doing this (the socratic approach)… and when I came to the States, the first method was unleashed on me in my highschool English class.

    The first method is to ask students all sorts of questions they have absolutely now way of knowing the answers to. So you sit in class while your classmates desperately babble on and on, while the teacher, who studied this at the university, could spare us and just tell us, for crying out loud.

    The other is the real McCoy, as illustrated in Quinn’s Ishmael. The questions asked make people think through what they already know, deep down, and come up with the answer. The maieutic method. We could all use more of this.

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