Film Review: In Time

This bonkers but very fun film is a mash-up of Logan’s Run, Bonnie and Clyde and the Matrix, as scripted by Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud.

Justin Timberlake, him of the mournful eyes, is a working stiff in a genetically-modified future where people hit 25 and then stop ageing. So far, so Brave New World. But your clock (in fluorescent green on your fore-arm) starts running down, and unless you replenish it by Working for the Man, you “time out.”

Through the usual Hollywood mechanisms, hick Justin ends up meeting one of the Men with All the Time in the World. Inevitably, with the help of the man’s renegade daughter, he sets about getting Justice for All, while being pursued by a cop who knew his dad. (Didn’t this basic plot get done a long time ago in a galaxy far far away?)

Timberlake and his pecs do very well, in my opinion. He takes the whole thing as seriously as it deserves, and there’s a vulnerability and anger in him that papers over the delirious nature of the “plot” and its heavy-handed (but fundamentally accurate!) allegory. Amanada Seyfried doesn’t have much to do as the rich girl who has relied on the “old” man’s money/time. She does it – with bug eyes and improbable breasts – very well (the wife muttered darkly about a faux pair). Cillian Murphy chews the scenery as a TimeKeeper (aka Sandman) and various supporting actors know what they are in.

The film looks great – a mix of Metropolis, Dick Tracy and Truffaut’s Fahrenheit 451, and director Andrew Niccol is essentially re-playing his late 90s hit Gattaca with a new cast.

Is this worth two hours/seven-ish quid of your time? Yeah, I think it would work better on a proper big screen. Just don’t be expecting the time of your life.

Mrs Towers has already warned me that I am not allowed to use the film’s catchphrase “you can do a lot in a day.


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2 Responses to Film Review: In Time

  1. Sarah Irving says:

    Not Bonnie & Clyde – Patti Hearst

  2. Sarah Irving says:

    Oh, and the main improbable thing about whatshername wasn’t the breasts, it was her apparent ability to run miles and miles at full tilt in 5 inch platform heels.

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