The Age of Involuntary Transparency, transparently…

A little while back I wrote about “the age of involuntary transparency“.

Saw this from Charlie Brooker of the Grauniad;

We’ve entered an era in which private conversation is impossible. Ever since Gordon Brown was caught calling Gillian Duffy a bigot, the tape’s been left running. Paranoia is at an all-time high. MPs can no longer talk to their own constituents without suspecting they may be undercover reporters. Celebrities can’t listen to their voicemails without wondering if they have been transcribed and passed to the newsdesk. Football commentators can no longer yap like oafs in their downtime. Everyone has become a reality show contestant nervously awaiting their own Shilpa Shetty moment.

No one said anything illegal on [Andy Gray and Richard Keys] tape. They weren’t debating how to massage civilian casualty figures or conspiring to nuke Swindon. They were chatting among themselves, talking shit like we all do. You could bring down absolutely any public figure in the land simply by following them around with a concealed microphone long enough.

Everyone says stupid and objectionable things in private. I say nothing BUT stupid and objectionable things in private. That’s the point of private conversation. It’s why we get annoyed when someone puts us on speakerphone without warning us first.

And the full article can be found here.

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2 Responses to The Age of Involuntary Transparency, transparently…

  1. leavergirl says:

    The genie is out of the bottle. WikiLeaks clones springing all over. And any and all conversations sneaking through because someone thought they are good to record and out. The era of privacy is over.

    When I got on the internet ages ago, that was one of the first lessons I was taught. Whatever you say on the web is open game. That’s the default.

    It bothered me at first, though it was a useful lesson. Now, when I see secrecy mostly used by the PTB to screw us, I go, eh, well, about time. 🙂

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