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Dilbert: Health is the war of the state-corporate nexus? #panopticon

Another awesome Dilbert cartoon “War is the Health of the State” said Randolph Bourne, talking about how war and preparations for war strengthen the state (it can impose more taxes, create more secrecy, lock up people it doesn’t like on … Continue reading

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Gamification On! From Winston Smith winning bonus points to Mario (Big) Brothers to…?

Mark Carrigan is a cool sociologist looking at various things like asexuality, technology and so on.  Here’s from his latest – “+1 for Efficient Labour: Gamification, Capitalism and Intellectual Responsibility“; Earlier this week, it was reported in a number of outlets … Continue reading

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Television review: Grain of Truth in “The Entire History of You”

A good friend has insisted that “Black Mirror” is must-see TV. So the other night, after rather a lot of beer, veggie kebabs and amid tequila and pistachios, he took one for the team and signed up to Four on … Continue reading

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The Panopticon, the Panspectron – look at Gaza and see how the world will be…

Have just read a fascinating and terrifying academic article called “The Gaza Strip as Panopticon and Panspectron: The Disciplining and Punishing of a Society.” [pdf] It’s by Michael Dahan (PhD) of Sapir College, Israel. The take home is that Gaza … Continue reading

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The Age of Involuntary Transparency, transparently…

A little while back I wrote about “the age of involuntary transparency“. Saw this from Charlie Brooker of the Grauniad; We’ve entered an era in which private conversation is impossible. Ever since Gordon Brown was caught calling Gillian Duffy a … Continue reading

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