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Romney disses the help; the help helps bring him down, or, “Instant karma”

Instant karma‘s gonna get you baby… http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2013/03/15/mitt_romneys_failure_to_thank_a_waiter_unleashed_the_47_per_cent_killer_video_mallick.html Mitt Romney’s failure to thank a waiter unleashed the 47 per cent killer video: Mallick by Heather Mallick March 15, 2013 Mitt Romney doesn’t drink. So it sounds odd to say that his … Continue reading

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Television review: Grain of Truth in “The Entire History of You”

A good friend has insisted that “Black Mirror” is must-see TV. So the other night, after rather a lot of beer, veggie kebabs and amid tequila and pistachios, he took one for the team and signed up to Four on … Continue reading

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The Age of Involuntary Transparency, transparently…

A little while back I wrote about “the age of involuntary transparency“. Saw this from Charlie Brooker of the Grauniad; We’ve entered an era in which private conversation is impossible. Ever since Gordon Brown was caught calling Gillian Duffy a … Continue reading

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