Muslim Brotherhood equivalent to SWP – slow, stolid gerontocrats

This from an excellent Financial Times article entitled “Army will craft post-Mubarak era” (behind a pay-wall, of course) caught my eye. Nice to see gerontocrats are the same the world over…

Leaders in Cairo and Washington worry about Islamists taking over. Yet it seems the Brotherhood was as surprised by the uprising as the government and opposition, while its leadership has been slow to read the new politics of Egypt. They have been reluctant to fall in behind the social movements that have mushroomed across the country, and are now divided over strategy. Their younger members are also frustrated with the movement’s ageing leaders – a picture that replicates exactly the structure of the regime they seek to overturn. A weakened, fractured Brotherhood should present no mortal threat to Egypt’s future.


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2 Responses to Muslim Brotherhood equivalent to SWP – slow, stolid gerontocrats

  1. leavergirl says:

    In Tunisia, the aging Islamist leader whose party has pretty much collapsed has returned home making it be known that he is interested in a gov’t position. He seems like an old dog smelling a bitch in heat and hoping for one last hump.

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