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“Get your fucking game face on”

During a googlemail ‘chat’ yesterday I wrote the following I was saying to an academic today, that I can understand, if not forgive, the Council being so hopeless. It’s the uselessness of the activist/campaigning lot that does my head in. … Continue reading

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Pimps, drug pushers and Journalists. And hypocrites. Oh my.

When I was about 17, my father – a journo – said “Pimp, drug pusher or journalist. You go into any of those jobs and I am disowning you.” Two decades and some change on, I’m beginning to see his … Continue reading

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bait and switch, feet of clay…

Here’s a blog posting that never got beyond scribbles on a (now unearthed) bit of paper. Back in August I did a workshop on “growth economics as a suicide machine” at a festival. And although it was not bad, it … Continue reading

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