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The “Nature” of the “Beast”

“In imperial Vietnam, tiger/elephant fights were staged for the emperor. But the tiger’s teeth were blunted and its claws cut short: the elephant was the symbol of the emperor, and so of course it always had to win. In one … Continue reading

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Humans as nonviable organism? Chomsky

QUESTION: Right. Can I ask you about your position on the possibility of ecological constraints on the realisation of human needs? Do you think — even if there were the political will to achieve it — that it might be … Continue reading

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It’s human nature- the FT and the Conservatives

We live- so the advertising slogan tells us- in financial times. We also live, especially since credit started crunching, in very interesting times. The FT correspondents and pundits have been puzzling out loud this last year or so about all … Continue reading

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