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Psychogenic Discombobulation Field device

I always marvel at how some of my heroes remain so calm while pointing out how completely and utterly fubarred we are. And this cartoon, by the fantastic Marc Roberts, says it all… Advertisements

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Heresy as a hermetic negative positive feedback loop

Marc Roberts has done another brilliant cartoon (here) and in his explanation points to an excellent recent post on Real Climate, which reads in part Unfortunately, the narrative of the heretic is self-reinforcing. Once a scientist starts to perceive criticism … Continue reading

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“Get your fucking game face on”

During a googlemail ‘chat’ yesterday I wrote the following I was saying to an academic today, that I can understand, if not forgive, the Council being so hopeless. It’s the uselessness of the activist/campaigning lot that does my head in. … Continue reading

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Peter Gowan, Viz 181, Exhausted Nature…

Peter Gowan is “Professor of International Relations at London Metropolitan University and course director of the MA in International Relations. He is a member of the editorial board of the New Left Review, on the advisory boards of other journals … Continue reading

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