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Lack of Rods for our own back

Attention Conservation Notice: Inane burblings on the upside of anti-Mammon rhetoric. And wikipedia links, and an Oliver Stone flick… Forget how, but while having brunch with Witty and Glamorous (WAG) friend, (who is neither a wife nor a girlfriend), the … Continue reading

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Your hope needs renewal? Don’t try renewables…

Professor Kevin Anderson long ago explained to my satisfaction that renewables would not be deployed in time to make the kind of difference to our carbon emissions that we need to avoid dangerous climate change. And so this, from the … Continue reading

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Japanese Nuclear Emergency: on otters, mushrooms clouds and what we need to see

There are scripts to follow when it comes to disasters. Oil spills must have black gooeyed wildlife (otters, pelicans). It’s not a real spill till they turn up. (The real damage, of course, is a lot less photogenic). And nuclear … Continue reading

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