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Disastrous outcomes

“What we need, is a really big climate disaster where lots of white people die; that will make everyone Wake Up.” Hands up if you’ve heard people say that? Hands up if you yourself have said that, or at least … Continue reading

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Japanese Nuclear Emergency: on otters, mushrooms clouds and what we need to see

There are scripts to follow when it comes to disasters. Oil spills must have black gooeyed wildlife (otters, pelicans). It’s not a real spill till they turn up. (The real damage, of course, is a lot less photogenic). And nuclear … Continue reading

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The Gulf between profit and a habitable planet

From a long, thoughtful and (of course) well-written investigative article by Naomi Klein about the Gulf of Mexico after the oil spill. “It is more likely, however, that we will continue to assign value only to those parts of nature … Continue reading

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