Mind Your Language: Talking About the End of the World

This 14 minute 47 “self-(indulgent)interview” is an initial response to a film called “Beyond the Tipping Point.” The makers of it said they wanted it to be a tool for activist groups. I frankly did not rate it very highly (interestingly, several other audience members- movers and shakers in various groups – shared my disappointment). I pushed out a response straight away called “Beyond the Banality Point”. And then my bally wife and friends got together and inconsiderately bought me a video camera. This has meant I have had to go ahead and make a “proper” response. Except of course, I haven’t (yet). What is needed is a film where 10 or 15 different people – including from outside the activist ghetto – are asked searching questions about talking about the end of the world… If I have time between now and some Life Changing Events in November, I will try to make that film…

In the meantime, this below could not have been produced without the very very generous help of ReelMcr.

Citations for “Mind Your Language? Talking about the end of the world”

Is apocalyptic rhetoric justified?
0 Mins 19 seconds “The science”
er, I should of course have said “my particular reading of a very small fraction of the science”
Tim Lenton
James Hansen
“Et cetera”
would include Paul Crutzen, Kevin Anderson, Susan “It’s later than you think” Solomon and so on and so on.
See also stuff on overshooting the limits of the Earth

0 mins 44 seconds “Look at the last 5/10 years

Glacier retreat from Field Notes from a Catastrophe, by Elizabeth Kolbert

Do you use the language?

Why does this language resonate with you?
2mins 24 Chicken Little
2 mins 30 Cassandra was a character in Homer’s The Iliad.- there’s the feminist revision of it by Christa Wolf. Should have read it by now. Haven’t.

2 mins 53 “The Cat” Ugh.

3 mins 17 The film I meant was the nuclear war disaster movie “The Day After”, not “the Day After Tomorrow” (a retread of the same material, only this time with icesheets and Dennis Quaid)
3 mins 23 The War Game by Peter Watkins
3 mins 32 Culture of Exterminism (EP Thompson) See also Missile Envy by Helen Caldicott
End with a whimper rather than a bang

Does it “work”?
6mins 20 on churning…
See youtube videos on Meetings from Above and the Newbie Experience part 1 and part 2
7 mins 45 seconds eco-fascism

Is it too late?
8 mins 30The person in question was Eric Swyngedouw
8 mins 42 Greenland Icesheet
8 mins 43 Amazon
8 mins 51 Holocene
9 mins 15 First alarm bells (Hansen testifying to congress)
The Enlightenment
Excellent RSA video – 21st century enlightenment

10 mins 2 seconds Pulp Common People

10 mins 22 Chomksy and Pilger on intellectuals

10 mins 38 Martin Luther King said shortly before he was whacked
See also Fred Hampton, about which there was no doubt…

If (you believe) it’s too late, HOW do you keep going
11mins 15 Burnout prevention
Activist Trauma
Despair and Empowerment in the Nuclear Age by Joanna Macy

11 mins 26 Freddie Nietzsche “If you look into the abyss, the abyss will begin to look into you”

12 mins Kenny Rogers lyrics to “The Gambler”

What is to be done?

13 mins 12 Sell the Sizzle and the work of Chris Rose

13mins 27 9 billion tonne hamster from New Economics Foundation
13mins 51 Keeling Curve
One getting involved and the barriers to it
See youtube videos on Meetings from Above and the Newbie Experience part 1 and part 2


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