Capitalists, Global Warming, & the Climate Justice Movement

So, what are our prospects? Realistically speaking, we are fucked. Ten, fifteen, or twenty years will go by in a flash. Business as usual will prevail. The oil, gas, and coal companies will not be reigned (sic) in. The lumber companies that are cutting down the rainforests for profit will not be stopped. Corporate-controlled governments will not take action. The sheer inertia of a worldwide capitalist civilisation built on cheap fossil fuel energy will keep the vast machine grinding inexorably on until the tipping point is reached, after which the irreversible warming of the earth will begin in earnest from natural causes [I think he means the ‘perma’frost and the clathrates]. That would be the end of the line for us.
James Herod in ASR Summer 2010

This is, of course, too optimistic.


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