Air heads and the power of ideology

So, I was going to do a “people be stoopid” post based on this clipping below, which I found while weeding piles of paper.  You know “some people so totally lost … believe anything… Darwin Award”   The smug superior sort of blog post that makes me feel good for a bit, and draws some readers into a collusion of cynicism.

Then I realised. How different are we, as a species?  This woman let her desire for belonging, for purity, overcome her basic common sense.  And paid the price.

We as a species are letting our desire for belongings, for ideological purity, overcome our basic common science.  And we won’t pay the price so much, but our children and grandchildren will. And theirs even more so (though I suspect there will be fewer of them).  Oh, and incidentally, we are causing the Sixth Great Extinction.

Who is stupider? Eh?

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