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Enlightenment, endarkenment, Private Eye and the end o’ the world

Two quotes- one from Private Eye, one from the Proceedings of the Royal Society B (as you do). Alas, he is a journalist, not a scientists or a philosopher king, and thus takes the journalist’s now standard route to enlightenment, … Continue reading

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Surfacing Malcolm Gladwell

Philip Agee, the CIA agent/whistleblower. explained in his book (CIA diary) that one of the key propaganda techniques they used was getting stories into “third world” newspapers and then using these as “local” assessments of the International Communist Conspiracy. It … Continue reading

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A question of … racism

Gotta post this now, before I lose the nerve. This morning I turned up at a pub/restaurant at just gone 8am for a big veggie breakfast. A young woman and man were waiting outside. They worked there, and the manager … Continue reading

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Full Court Press needed but absent on Climate Change

I went to a climate rally a week ago. It had been called on two weeks’ notice and yet there were 7,000ish people there. I thought at the time that it was a sign of the vibrancy and strength of … Continue reading

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