Beautiful Russians and the end of the world

Sat opposite a distractingly good-looking (seriously – straight from the pages of some glossy high class fashion mag, or from the FT’s “How to Spend It” supplement) Russian and talked about… emissions pathways, climate sensitivity and the inevitability of some Seriously Bad Shit hitting the Fan. Soon (geologically, in an eye-blink).

He took it well, I think. Sensibly clings to hopes for Shiny New Technology and singularities, but then, don’t we all…*

On extinction? Well, a new DT commenter (and very welcome!) has pointed me to 40 seconds of thylacine. Go watch, and weep.

* I am aware that not all of us do…


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2 Responses to Beautiful Russians and the end of the world

  1. pendantry says:

    Seriously good looking… what? (Whatever it was it was clearly distracting!) And what was it he took well? Enquiring minds want to know…

  2. dwighttowers says:

    Sorry, my MNS (missing noun syndrome) kicked in. Distractingly good-looking Russian, who forgave the crudeness of my IPCC SRES versus actual emissions trajectories “graph” and the Pacala and Socolow wedge fuzziness on specific numbers.

    And – unlike – five years ago when it used to be the standard response – he didn’t laugh at me for thinking human civilization might go down the gurgler…

    He really was eye-candy, and I say that as a married (and straight!) man.

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