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Less can be more for “change agents”

Reading around on ‘shadow organisations’, I stumbled across an essay by a consultant called Bill Critchley entitled “The Role of the Change Agent. [pdf]” This bit struck my eye Self-Organisation and Emergence Before I understood a little about complexity theory, … Continue reading

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The sage on the stage…

I have been reading a website called Nature Bats Last (hat tip to Leaving Babylon). I have just stumbled across a bunch of excerpts that the author, Guy McPherson, had posted from a book he wrote on education. The phrase … Continue reading

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Of academics and prejudice

I’ll admit it. I am prejudiced. Anti-semitic? No, some of my best friends are Jewish. Racist? Well, my previous partner was from Mali. Sexist? Well, the wife yells through from the kitchen to say not. No, my prejudice is reserved … Continue reading

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