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Nulture humming along…

Long-term readers will know of my neologism “nulture.” I wheel this one out when I encounter a claim (usually in advertising) that a product is equivalent to nature, or more natural than nature itself. They come in two main varieties, … Continue reading

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Stuart Hall on Thatcher, hegemony and all that jazz

From an essay in the latest (Sept 2011) Soundings: One counter-intuitive feature was that, in the dark days of her electoral unpopularity, Thatcher brilliantly summoned to the rescue, not market rationality but an archaic British nationalism. The Falklands War allowed … Continue reading

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Activist theorizing – why, who etc

I am pretty allergic to academics. I’m not an anti-intellectual, quite the opposite. It’s just that I think a lot of them are whores or parasites. Or both. (That said, some of my best friends are academics). Anyhows, I stumbled … Continue reading

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Compass telling us to go west

This is a ‘guest post’ from a from a friend, originally written as a comment on a Compass piece about the ballot of their members that was overwhelmingly in favour of tactical voting. I’ve added a couple of hyperlinks in. … Continue reading

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Are Academics Irrelevant? The Sequel

Blogged recently on the question above, (after an earlier snipe) and have stumbled, via an Aussie called James Whelan, on an American called Randy Stoecker. His 1999 piece for “American Behavioural Scientist” (yeah, I know, who knew?) is quite useful … Continue reading

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