Suicide, Significant Life Experiences, Dwight (Eisenhower) and Capitalism

So this, from an article called “Why parents should leave their kids alone” by Jay Griffiths,

In 1960, the American psychiatrist Herbert Hendin was studying suicide statistics in Scandinavia. Denmark (with Japan) had the world’s highest suicide rate. Sweden’s rate was almost as high, but what of Norway? Right at the bottom. Hendin was intrigued, particularly since the received wisdom was that Denmark, Sweden and Norway shared a similar culture. What could possibly account for such a dramatic difference? After years of research, he concluded that reasons were established in childhood. In Denmark and Sweden, children were brought up with regimentation, while in Norway they were free to roam. In Denmark and Sweden, children were pressured to achieve career goals until many felt they were failures, while in Norway they were left alone more, not so much instructed but rather simply allowed to watch and participate in their own time. Instead of a sense of failure, Norwegian children grew up with a sense of self-reliance.

reminded me of a) Significant Life Experiences – unstructured play in natural settings before age 11 being a key common factor for “environmentalists” and also a recent thing I read about how this myth that Sweden has a high suicide rate was a deliberate lie by the Right in the US. Had to google for it, and can’t find the article it cropped up in, but this will do.
Basically, it was a myth peddled to stop Americans from thinking that collective provision of health care was the way forward. Mustn’t get between those insurance companies and their profits, must we?

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