Zap their thymuses, it’s Science!! Oh, whoops… #sids #poverty #EpicFail

When I win the lottery I am most definitely buying Robert Sapolsky’s DVD series.
Being Human: Life Lessons from the Frontiers of Science

While hunting for stuff about lecture 5 I stumbled across this from a book called The Healing Tradition: Reviving the Soul of Western Medicine

But what I was looking for was this, from a very good article
Recent studies show that the brains of poor children are impacted by poverty. An historical example of this claim, given by Robert Sapolsky, a leading researcher from Stanford, demonstrates this dramatically. For many years, children’s thymus glands were radiated to prevent SIDS (eventually causing thyroid cancer in thousands of adults). Physicians believed that the normal thymus in children should be small, which is what they saw in the children they dissected because the only bodies autopsied at the time were that of poor people,. In fact, the gland was small due to the stresses of poverty. The thymus gland in children normal children large and grows smaller with age.

See here too.


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