Of futility: allotments, hoses, and leakage

At the allotment yesterday* I got a strong whiff of the futility of it all.  This stuff actually happened, pretty much as I recount it below, with merely a soupcon of poetic license.

There was a visitor just checking out the site – a friend of one of the regulars.  Some sort of music promoter for some band. And he was listing off the trips he’d been taking of late.  “Yeah, and I had like a weekend in Brazil. And three days in China. That was crazy. You can’t see anything. I mean, I saw the Great Wall, but I didn’t get to walk on it.”  And so on.  All completely oblivious to his impact on t’planet.

And meanwhile we dig, diligently, believing that we will somehow protect ourselves from the shitstorm that is coming, thanks to ALL of us westerners (the music promoter, after all, is merely different in degree, not type, to the rest of us).

I walked away, knowing it was bad for my health to listen.  And found myself something to do. (One of the many criticisms laid at my door by friends and ‘foe’ alike is that I don’t know how to relax, I work too much blah blah).

And this something was to help fill our new pond, by unkinking the hose that led from the tap (or faucet, for any Americans who may have wandered by) to the hole with the plastic sheeting that will be home for frogs and all.  [Digression; have you read my post on Peak Frog?  You really should.]

And the hose had a small split. Water was spraying out at one point.  No tape to fix it, so I propped the hose over a watering can so the water was collected.

And, as anyone who has ever done this knows, it’s actually a very small amount of water that you “save.”  And yet I did it to try to feel virtuous.

As you can tell, it didn’t really work. And (for anyone who isn’t big on metaphors – apols to anyone I am patronising) my efforts with the hose are like mine with the carbon emissions versus casual binge flying.  Puny, pointless.

So it goes.
* Or 8 days, since this post is in a queue- DT is trying to keep up the daily posting thing but clear the decks in between weekends to concentrate on Other Things.


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