Capitalism cartoon. Comments from various facebookers. #aboutsumsitup

From Facebook –

capitalismThis is obviously wrong. Top hat guy would never perform labor. He’d have the government seize the tree, hire cheap labor to build a substandard building, charge a ridiculous price and then dissolve his company before he could be sued.

He’d make the guy sitting under the tree do the work and then charge him for the house

really . he’d convince the guy under the tree to invest his own money in building the shed then turn around and sell it out from under him .

He’d also push the do more with less ethic. The house should be built faster and cheaper, but the price of it goes up. The worker doesn’t get a raise, nor the consumer gets a break. Top hat makes double gains while the worker and consumer are starving.

And the building would fall apart in the first breeze, but since the company was dissolved there’s nothing the guy can do about it. And then his insurance company drops him for making a claim.

No no no. He would tell the guy sitting that the tree kills babies and supports gay marriage. He’d get mad and cut the tree.

he’d rip him off on a mortgage too and then the banks would repossess it

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