Chris Hedges on #Egypt – essential reading

After making the (non-reductive, non-patronising) point that for millions of people religion is the only thing that keeps them from utter despair, Hedges, in an article entitle ” The Massacres in Egypt Are a Precursor to a Wider Global Conflict Between the Elites and the World’s Poor“moves on to say –

“The lifeblood of radical movements is martyrdom. The Egyptian military has provided an ample supply. The faces and the names of the sanctified dead will be used by enraged clerics to call for holy vengeance. And as violence grows and the lists of martyrs expand it will ignite a war that will tear Egypt apart. Police, Coptic Christians, secularists, westerners, businesses, banks, the tourism industry and the military will become targets. Those radical Islamists who were convinced by the Muslim Brotherhood that electoral politics could work and brought into the system will go back underground, and many of the rank-and-file of the Muslim Brotherhood will join them. Crude bombs and explosive devices will be set off. Random attacks and assassinations by gunmen will puncture daily life in Egypt as it did in the 1990s when I was in Cairo for the New York Times, although this time the scale of the attacks will become fiercer and wider, far harder to control or ultimately crush.”

I want to quote his conclusion, but that’s unfair. Really, go read –

I hope he is wrong, but I doubt it.


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