Interesting words on infantilisation…

From here.  The article is very good, but curiously doesn’t mention Transactional Analysis and the whole child-parent dynamic.

But it would be vulgar to assume that infantilisation is simply something pushed onto the populace by ‘the forces of capitalism’ in order to control them. There is something appealing about being infantilised, and this is associated, I think, with the desire to feel comfortable and secure in a very troubling and uncertain world. This is associated with nostalgia. Of course we see this in the cupcake and so forth. People are afraid of the world, afraid of the fact that it changes, afraid of coming disasters, in particular the ‘environmental crisis’. Instinctively believing false ecological ideas about the world absent human intervention tending towards some perfectly sustainable harmonious state, they long for a ‘simpler time’, conveniently forgetting of course that there were no simpler times.

Ensconcing oneself in the aesthetics of obsolete crafts is one way of satisfying this longing


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