Find your love voice or I else won’t take my fingers out of my ears, alright?

I think the writer of this post would make more friends and allies if they weren’t so inflammatory and angry all the ti… no, wait…

…. [W]hen white people tell us that we need to “find our love voice” when responding to racism, white supremacy, and colonialism, they completely devalue the experiences and feelings that many of us have as non-white people and colonized people, who have been forced to assimilate or die, physically or spiritually.  When white people say this, they are displaying their unwillingness to understand that we are dealing with violent legacies of intergenerational trauma due to racism and colonialism. and while they can accept this trauma, they can never “get” it. This notion that we need to always use our “love voice” indicates that when we express anger, our contributions are rendered useless, disruptive, divisive, or at best “not productive.”

The very fabric of the society we are living in has been woven together by ongoing legacies of colonization, genocide, slavery, white supremacy, imperialism, and cis-hetero-patriarchy, to name a few. All of these systems are necessary props to uphold capitalism and ensure that the earth will continue to be ripped, stripped, and blown open to turn a profit for the powerful elite. Many have thus far been unable to understand, and some just downright refuse to accept, that these props, these pillars, upholding the system must be destroyed if we are to put a halt to the cataclysmic harm being done to our earth mother. Those who refuse to learn this knowledge and to unlearn false paradigms that exist in direct conflict with the natural world are not only harming us and dooming our chances of halting the horrific abuses of our earth mother, but are harming themselves as well. When white people discourage others and themselves from confronting and attacking white supremacy head on, from smashing colonizer mentality, from destroying all systems of oppression, from doing the hard, self-critical, internalizing, and life-long work of building truly inclusive spaces, they are being divisive to the movement.

Whether white folks mean it or not — regardless if they believe they have “good intentions” — they are always contributing to the perpetuation of a society that privileges themselves and people like them while marginalizing people like us. The only exceptions are those moments that they are consciously identifying, acknowledging, and addressing these injustices and working to dismantle power and equalize relations between us….

Just to be clear: I am a white hetero middle-class male.  The writer of this blog I’ve excerpted from above doesn’t need me to give approval/charity.  I may or may not agree with everything they write and say or I may not [on this post, fwiw, I do agree!], but I am going to try to hear the argument, and not let any feelings they bring up act as a censor; my point is that tone-policing her and others [I’ve been on the receiving end of tone-policing] is a deeply shitty thing and patronising thing to do.  Folks allowed to be angry, given the momentous amounts of shit that get dumped on them…

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