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Find your love voice or I else won’t take my fingers out of my ears, alright?

I think the writer of this post would make more friends and allies if they weren’t so inflammatory and angry all the ti… no, wait… …. [W]hen white people tell us that we need to “find our love voice” when … Continue reading

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Of racism, sexism and the Bicycle Thief #everydayracism

From 2010. But still you’ll never get it right, cos when you’re layin’ in bed at night…

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White Skin Privilege

Effort is made to draw attention to the fact that ‘white skin is privileged by institutions and practices and provides material and psychological entitlements to white people. Examples of these privileges and entitlements may be as seemingly trivial as ‘being … Continue reading

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Empathy, white men, arguing and logic

Tim Wise is an anti-racism activist in the United States. Personally, I’ve found his work very helpful to understanding White Skin Privilege. He isn’t trying to speak “for” people of colour (that’s flat-out colonialism) and he isn’t doing what he … Continue reading

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