Dwight Towers iz in Viz!!! (Well, gets some pencils)

A while back I fired off an email to Viz.

“Thank you to Viz for highlighting the heroic actions of commandos of the the special plumbing service in “The Bidet Landings” (Viz 228).  It is very important that the sacrifices of those heroic men in providing sanitation services to Fascist-sympathising royals is not forgotten.  Your important public service was, however, marred by one small historical inaccuracy which I hope you will correct for future editions – the telegram that set everything in motion could not possibly have arrived in “May 1940″ – since the Vichy government was not in fact set up until July 1st 1940.”

Just now I got this, which warms the cockles of my heart!!

Thanks for your pedantic letter. We really envy the time that you have to put pen to paper on such a trivial matter. We are guessing that you are probably a train- spotter, so if you send us your address we’ll send you some Viz pens and pencils so that you can write your train numbers down. If you see another man with a Viz pen on the platform, he is the one who wrote to us to say that in a recent cartoon the Titanic was smoking from all four funnels whereas one funnel was a ventilation shaft and not a true funnel. You two should get on well together.

Angela, Viz Editorial Office

Wipes-tear-from-eye. #lifecomplete


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